Inadequate spill response prompts letter to Prime Minister from John Horgan

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 horgan-nathanestewartVICTORIA – The recent sinking of the Nathan E. Stewart tug boat near Bella Bella prompted New Democrat Leader John Horgan to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for better spill response for B.C.’s central coast.

“When the tug ran aground and began leaking fuel, it took 22 hours for equipment to arrive because there is no permanent spill response capacity on the central coast,” said Horgan in his letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “The spill still has not been contained. Diesel is being pushed inshore by the tides and the breakers onto the clam and kelp beds that are the Heiltsuk people’s winter food basket.”

Horgan said this disaster proves that our oil-spill response capacity is woefully inadequate.

“I am urging the federal government to immediately establish strategic spill response capacity for our coast to prevent future damage to our sensitive marine environment,” Horgan continued. “And to give British Columbians some assurance that, when the next accident occurs, it will not be a repeat of the Nathan E. Stewart debacle – or worse.”

Here is a link to the letter: