Reality Check: Influence of big money in B.C. politics

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Christy Clark thinks everything is fine with B.C. being the “wild west” when it comes to unlimited political donations from wealthy corporate donors, and has no intention of reducing the influence her rich friends have over her government by banning big money.

Christy Clark’s big money spokesperson, cabinet minister Andrew Wilkinson, claims:

“No one gets special treatment by being a campaign donor.” (CKNW, January 23rd, 2017)

But the Chief of Staff to Christy Clark’s predecessor Gordon Campbell told the cold, hard truth about the influence of big money in B.C.:

“For the Liberals, the housing industry, construction industry, real estate, the liquor industry, energy industry, certainly the mining industry, big forest industry — all gave exceptional amounts of money, and they got exceptional attention… It makes the government stand up and listen when they lobby and anybody who pretends otherwise is not telling the truth. -Martyn Brown (Vancouver Sun, May 6, 2016)

John Horgan will take the big money out of B.C. politics and give power back where it belongs – to people.