Jim Sinclair’s union movement has been for everyone: BC New Democrats

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VICTORIANew Democrat Official Opposition Leader John Horgan and New Democrat spokesperson for labour Shane Simpson paid tribute to Jim Sinclair, who has announced he will not seek re-election as President of the BC Federation of Labour.

“Jim Sinclair’s approach to the labour movement has been to be a voice for all workers, not just those with a union card,” said Horgan. “In his tireless pursuit of justice for farmworkers in the Fraser Valley, his campaign for a higher minimum wage or his work for better health and safety standards, Jim Sinclair has fought to make working life better and safer for everyone in BC. For the past fifteen years, BC’s working families have had a passionate champion at their side.”

“Jim will leave BC’s labour movement stronger and more united, even in these very challenging times,” said Simpson. “During the recent teachers’ strike we saw a union movement that stood together against the Liberal government to make a difference when it mattered. Teachers took a stand for public education and they knew they weren’t alone.

“That solidarity is testament to Jim’s vision of a united labour movement that is a strong and credible voice speaking up on behalf of all working people and their families. With roots in journalism and BC’s fishery, Jim has been an eloquent spokesperson for both public and private-sector workers.

“We’re sure his voice will continue to be heard speaking up for working families. We thank him for his years of service.”