Kevin Falcon’s BC Liberals vote for 10 per cent hike to ferry fares, says Walker

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The BC Liberals voted to increase the cost of a ferry trip by more than 10 per cent a year by voting against Premier David Eby’s plan to provide $500 million in funding to BC Ferries, BC NDP MLA Adam Walker says.

“David Eby’s plan to invest $500 million in BC Ferries to avoid a 10 per cent fare hike is excellent news for Island communities,” said Walker. “But I am shocked and disappointed that the BC Liberals voted against it. People simply can’t afford their fare hikes again.”

Yesterday during Supplementary Estimates, the BC Liberals voted against providing $500 million to help BC Ferries deal with the last 18 months of global inflation. Without it, fares could increase to up to 10.4 per cent annually over the next four years. Despite the BC Liberals voting against this important measure, the BC NDP plan was approved in the Legislature with support from the BC Green and the BC Conservative MLAs.

“Kevin Falcon and the BC Liberals would make life on Vancouver Island more expensive,” said Walker. “At a time of global inflation, we can’t afford double digit increases in this vital lifeline that delivers food, medicine and other necessities to our communities.”