Local MLA Rob Fleming welcomes funding for community counselling in Victoria

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VICTORIA – New Democrat MLA Rob Fleming is welcoming a grant for the Vancouver Island Counselling Centre for Immigrants and Refugees (VICCIR) to provide greater access to low and no-cost mental health supports in Victoria.

“At a time when other jurisdictions are cutting back support for newcomers, our government is making different choices,” said MLA Rob Fleming. “This funding will help VICCIR support refugees and immigrants in navigating and processing their past trauma so they may move towards healing and wellness. Newcomers enrich the cultural fabric of B.C. and by supporting them we are creating a stronger, more diverse, and inclusive community.”

VICCIR is receiving a grant to provide ongoing counselling and support for an increased number of refugees and immigrants. Grants are being awarded to twenty-nine community organizations across B.C. through the Community Counselling grants program administered by Community Action Initiative.

MLA Rob Fleming said that this funding will support a broad range of mental health and substance use services, including easy-to-access counselling with a focus on marginalized individuals and those who have faced barriers accessing the supports they need. He added that a third of all recipients will be servicing Indigenous communities.

MLA Fleming said that the BC New Democrat government is committed to providing faster access to mental health services, when and where people need it, and that this funding is part of A Pathway to Hope: A roadmap for improving mental health and addictions care for everyone in B.C.

Learn More: https://news.gov.bc.ca/20913