Local MLAs Chouhan and Darcy celebrate major increases to public transit in Burnaby and New West

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BURNABY – New Democrat MLAs Raj Chouhan and Judy Darcy are welcoming significant increases to local transit services that will reduce overcrowding, cut wait times, create better transit connections, and bring service to new areas.

“This year, getting into the back-to-school routine will be easier and more convenient thanks to these service increases,” said MLA Darcy. “This government is delivering on its promise to keep people moving.”

As ridership continues to grow across the region, commuters in Burnaby and New West will benefit from the following transit increases, beginning September 3:

  • 112 Edmonds Station/New Westminster Station
  • 116 Edmonds Station/Metrotown Station

“Increasing service on these routes will give commuters more options when moving around the community,” said MLA Chouhan. “Our government’s commitment to build liveable, connected communities goes hand-in-hand with supporting the Mayor’s Council 10-Year Vision.”

MLA Chouhan said transit service increases are being made across Metro Vancouver, including a 50 per cent increase to SeaBus capacity, 6 new SkyTrain cars, and over 40,000 additional bus hours to 14 key routes. This is the first time ever that we’re simultaneously increasing service on Bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus.

These improvements are funded through Phase One of the Mayor’s Council 10-Year Vision. The New Democrat government is committed to funding 40 per cent of the capital costs of the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision.

Learn More: https://www.translink.ca/About-Us/Media/2019/August/Major-service-increases-for-SkyTrain-Bus-and-SeaBus.aspx