MLA Ma welcomes new playground for Norgate Community Elementary in North Vancouver

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NORTH VANCOUVER – North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Bowinn Ma said students at Norgate Community Elementary on the North Shore are getting a new, accessible playground, thanks to $105,000 in provincial funding announced by the Premier and Minister of Education today.

“After 16 years of cuts to public education that forced parents to fundraise on their own to fill funding gaps, our government is doing what should have been done a long time ago and fully funding school essentials like playgrounds,” said MLA Ma. “Norgate Community Elementary will be receiving a new, accessible playground where children of all physical abilities can play and no one will have to watch from the sidelines.”

This funding is part of a new, ongoing Playground Equipment Program that will provide up to $5 million each year to school districts to purchase new or replacement playgrounds, and fulfills a central NDP campaign promise. This year, 26 schools are receiving $90,000 for a standard playground, and 25 schools are receiving $105,000 for a universally-accessible playground.

Generally, schools’ Parent Advisory Councils have to fundraise large sums of money for new and replacement playground equipment, and schools without that capability are left without playgrounds. The new fund will ensure that kids don’t have to suffer for years with inadequate or unsafe playground equipment, and that parents can focus their energy on their children’s success.

Playgrounds are important for children’s development and learning. They encourage outdoor physical activity and help students learn how to share, work together, overcome challenges and be creative. Outdoor play can help students focus and learn more effectively in the classroom.

See the Provincial news release here: