New Democrats support Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

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VICTORIA – B.C.’s New Democrats are announcing their support today for the proposed Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement.

“This deal will signify the strengthening of an important trade relationship between Canada and South Korea,” said New Democrat spokesperson for trade Bruce Ralston.

“Increasing trade between B.C. and South Korea will play an integral role in expanding our province’s economic growth and could contribute to the foundation of B.C.’s economic future. British Columbians of Korean origins are an important and growing part of our province’s diverse communities. Having traveled recently to South Korea, I can attest to the vibrancy of both their culture and economy.”

This is a good deal for British Columbians as South Korea is a democratic country with high environmental and labour standards. Additionally, this deal has many positive elements that will benefit numerous sectors of the economy. It also does not include controversial elements like provincial and municipal procurement processes or any intellectual property provisions.

“Growing trade with Korea and the Asian-Pacific markets will help grow the B.C. economy, increase our opportunities for international trade and investment, and strengthen our relationship with our Korean trade partners,” said Jane Shin, New Democrat deputy spokesperson for trade, immigration and multiculturalism.

“If this deal goes through, New Democrats look forward to the expansion of trade and the future of shared economic prosperity it will bring to British Columbians.”