Premier Clark spends nearly $2 billion on Site C with no guarantee of B.C. jobs

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Christy_Clark_speakingVICTORIA – In her rush to build a mega-dam B.C. doesn’t even need, Premier Christy Clark failed to guarantee British Columbians would get the jobs building it.

“Premier Clark never gets tired of talking about jobs, but that’s all it is – talk. She hasn’t lifted a finger to actually secure jobs for British Columbians,” said John Horgan, leader of B.C.’s New Democrats. “For the second time this year, she’s betrayed her promise to working people in this province.”

B.C. Hydro announced a $1.75 billion contract with Peace River Hydro Partners today as part of the Site C dam project. It is the single largest contract for the project, yet Christy Clark failed to ensure there were any guarantees that the jobs would go to British Columbians. Earlier this year, the premier cut a deal with Petronas to build an LNG facility, again without any job guarantees for British Columbians.

“When you’re spending billions of dollars of the public’s money, I believe any responsible premier of B.C. should ask is how many jobs can be guaranteed for British Columbians. But it looks like the only question Premier Clark asked was ‘When is the photo-op?’” said Horgan.

Horgan added that the cost of the work has gone up 16 per cent, or $250 million, from B.C. Hydro’s estimate just last month.

“The failure of Christy Clark to put the Site C megaproject to the B.C. Utilities Commission is putting British Columbians’ hydro bills at risk. Who knows how much this project will cost, when it can go up $250 million in just one month,” said Horgan, “British Columbians will pay for that.”.

John Horgan and B.C.’s New Democrats have proposed a bold, progressive plan for jobs and energy called PowerBC that looks forward, not back. Horgan challenged the premier to put her Site C plan up against PowerBC at the independent BCUC before proceeding.