Statement by B.C. New Democrats on World Teachers’ Day

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Rear view of a little school children raising their hands in the classroom

VICTORIA— Rob Fleming, New Democrat education spokesperson, and Jodie Wickens, New Democrat deputy education spokesperson, issued the following statement on World Teachers’ Day:

“Today we say thank you to our great teachers who inspire our kids and impart knowledge and passion for life-long learning.”

“We want to say thank you for the passion teachers bring to our children’s lives and for helping to build strong communities across this province. We know Christy Clark’s government has dragged B.C.’s public education funding from second best in Canada to second worst, and we are grateful to our teachers for their dedication and resilience in providing quality education to our children,” said Fleming.

“As parents with children in our public school system, we are so grateful to B.C.’s teachers for the wonderful work they do every day.

“Knowing that we have such hard working and determined teachers encourages us to advocate for stable and sustainable funding for our school system. We can’t have a government that relies on random acts of funding for our children’s education. Teachers deserve better and John Horgan’s New Democrats understand that,” said Wickens.