Statement by New Democrat Leader John Horgan on Shawnigan soil dump

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VICTORIA —  New Democrat Leader John Horgan issued the following statement about the temporary suspension of dumping contaminated soils in the Shawnigan Lake watershed:

“When the plan to dump contaminated soil in the Shawnigan Lake watershed was first put forward, New Democrats stood with the Shawnigan Lake community against it.

“And when the Christy Clark government pushed ahead anyway, and the predicted problems became a sad new reality, I called on Christy Clark to pull the permit and stop the dumping of soil in the Shawnigan Lake watershed.

“That was two years ago. And it was clear then just as it is clear today that this project puts the clean, safe, drinking water of local residents at risk.

“It took years of legal battles and a looming election for the Christy Clark government to do the right thing and halt the contamination with a 15-day suspension of South Island Aggregates’ permit.

“Well, 15 days isn’t enough. It’s time to pull the permit entirely. It’s time to clean up the mess and protect the clean, safe, drinking water of the people of Shawnigan Lake.”