Statement on World AIDS Day

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closeup of hads holding AIDS awareness ribbon

VICTORIA – New Democrat Leader John Horgan and health spokesperson Judy Darcy released the following statement to mark World AIDS Day:
“World AIDS Day has been recognized for more than a quarter century as an opportunity for people around the world to show support for those living with HIV and AIDS and commemorate those who have died.
“On this day, we must recognize the significant progress in research and treatment, and we honour those – including those here in British Columbia – who have made invaluable contributions to improving the lives of those living with HIV and AIDS.
“We know that programs such as the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation Centre have led with innovative strategies that are being emulated worldwide. We salute those in this province – front-line health care workers, researchers – and everyone for their selfless dedication.
“Even with the progress being made, we know there is more work to be done, both in terms of prevention and treatment.
“B.C.’s New Democrats remain committed to supporting coordinated, consistent investment in research, harm reduction and prevention and to ensure that appropriate and necessary services are available in our communities.”