Throne speech fails every day families: Horgan

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VICTORIA— The problems that British Columbians have with Christy Clark’s government weren’t solved by her latest throne speech says New Democrat Leader John Horgan.

“For too long Christy Clark has been working for the wealthy and the well-connected while leaving ordinary British Columbians behind,” said Horgan.

“Now on the eve of an election, she is doing anything she can to distract from the fact that she has created a B.C. where people can’t afford to live and build a future.

“Christy Clark and her B.C. Liberal government have deliberately chosen to make British Columbia a place where only the rich can thrive, and everyone else pays the price.

Horgan noted that half of British Columbians are living paycheck to paycheck, while hydro rates, car insurance, and medical services premiums have skyrocketed year after year.

“Christy Clark has spent the last six years cutting and neglecting the services people care about, while millionaires have gotten more than a billion dollars in tax breaks.

“Whether it is unaffordable housing, cuts to school classrooms, leaving seniors to suffer in understaffed care homes, long waits for basic healthcare, the lack of family doctors, or hallway medicine – ordinary individuals and families have paid the price for Christy Clark’s tax cuts to the rich,” said Horgan.

“British Columbians deserve an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and the well-connected.

“I believe we need a plan over the long term that has people and the services they need at the center. Not budgets based on buying people with their own money on the eve of an election.

“After years of neglect, people simply don’t believe Christy Clark is ready to solve the problems that matter in their lives.”