Wilkinson still refusing to take responsibility for ICBC and dirty money scandals

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Today at UBCM, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson showed he hasn’t learned a thing from his government’s ICBC and dirty money scandals.

When asked twice by reporters if he would allow the current government access to cabinet documents to help fight money laundering, Wilkinson dodged the question and launched a personal attack on David Eby.

And in his speech, Wilkinson worked overtime to deflect blame from the mess his government left at ICBC, but ended up launching what sounded like a scathing critique of the BC Liberals’ own record:

“When a program doesn’t work anymore, you don’t just stick your head down and carry on indefinitely.”

In 2014, the BC Liberals received a report highlighting major problems at ICBC and clear recommendations to fix them, but instead they chose to stick their head in the sand and leave $1.3 billion in losses for B.C. drivers to pay.

“Andrew Wilkinson’s government made 16 years of choices that hurt people, and he showed today that he hasn’t learned a thing. British Columbians are still paying the price for the ICBC and dirty money scandals. Instead of deflecting blame and protecting himself, he should be taking responsibility and helping fix the problems he created.” – Mike Farnworth, BC NDP House Leader.