Wilkinson’s opposition to real estate speculation taxes shows he’s still putting those at the top ahead of regular British Columbians

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VICTORIA – Last week, Andrew Wilkinson came out against the B.C. government’s proposed measures to tackle speculation.

“After his B.C. Liberal government let the cost of housing soar out of reach for people, Andrew Wilkinson is still putting real estate speculators ahead of British Columbians trying to afford a home,” said B.C. Government House Leader Mike Farnworth.

In a radio interview, Wilkinson criticized the government’s proposed tax on real estate speculation. When asked what he would do to address the housing crisis, Wilkinson repeatedly emphasized the importance of building housing supply while refusing to even acknowledge that speculation was a problem.

“His government’s bad choices led to this crisis, and now he’s fighting against the new government’s solutions,” Farnworth said. “Letting speculation run wild might be good for people with 5 million dollar homes, but it’s not good for the millions of British Columbians struggling with the cost of housing.”