Wishing Jewish British Columbians a festive Chanukah

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Chanukah 2015 imageVICTORIA – On behalf of the New Democrat Official Opposition, Leader John Horgan made this statement today to members of the Jewish community celebrating the start of Chanukah; the Jewish Festival of Lights.

“This annual occasion is a time of rejoicing and sharing with loved ones, friends, family and the community. It is also a time to acknowledge the importance of freedom.

“The 2,000 year-old origins of Chanukah is the story of good triumphing over evil, light over darkness, peace over war. This story still provides inspiration, hope and faith for the Jewish community and others who share our prosperous land.

“I wish the Jewish community a‎ Chanukah Sameach. May the lights from the Chanukiyah shine brightly‎ in your homes.”