B.C. Liberal government should release “complete” Petronas deal

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VICTORIA – The B.C. Liberals should release details of the now “complete” Petronas LNG deal say the New Democrats.

“If the project development agreement is complete, British Columbians have a right to know what the B.C. Liberals have committed taxpayers to,” said New Democrat spokesperson on natural gas development Bruce Ralston. “The problem is it’s difficult to take the premier at her word, so we have concerns that it may not be as complete as she would have British Columbians believe.”

On Monday, Premier Christy Clark claimed the government agreement with Petronas was complete, and continued, “We are done with Petronas.”

Last month, when asked by media whether the LNG agreements with proponents will be made public, B.C. Liberal finance minister Mike de Jong said “They’re going to have to be public.”

Ralston said a project development agreement runs parallel to any applicable legislation, and can lock government into agreeing not to improve environmental and tax laws and regulations in the future.

“If the deal is as done as the premier wants us to believe, it’s time for the B.C. Liberals to live up to their word and make the agreement public,” said Ralston. “New Democrats and the public want to know if the Liberal government’s agreements ensure B.C. jobs will go to British Columbians, and if proponents will have to look to B.C. businesses for contracting.”