Christy Clark isn’t there for the 33,000 children who need food banks to eat, say New Democrats

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canned-foodVICTORIA – A new report shows British Columbians are relying on food banks more than ever, demonstrating how Christy Clark isn’t there for people who are struggling, say the New Democrats.

“Christy Clark doesn’t want to be held accountable for the rising poverty under her watch,” said Michelle Mungall, New Democrat Spokesperson for Social Development. “That’s why B.C. is still the only province without a poverty reduction strategy.”

Mungall was responding to Food Banks Canada’s 2016 Hunger Count Report, which showed food bank usage in B.C. has grown three times faster than the population since Christy Clark became premier.

“It’s heartbreaking that over 33,000 children in B.C. have to rely on food banks to eat,” said Carole James, the New Democrat Finance Spokesperson. “People who are struggling in this economy know Christy Clark is not in it for them. She will give the top two per cent a $1 billion tax cut but she does nothing for people who are struggling.”

“Stagnant wages, rising fees and taxes, and homes that families can’t afford,” said James. “That’s the Christy Clark economy and it explains why more people are relying on food banks than ever before.”

Mungall said a John Horgan government will develop a Poverty Reduction Strategy that would include measures to hold the government accountable. Five times they introduced the Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act, only to have it rejected by the Christy Clark government each time.

“You can’t trust Christy Clark to look after anybody but her rich friends and insiders,” said Mungall. “You need John Horgan and the New Democrats to stand up for normal people.”