Christy Clark is leaving people stuck – John Horgan would get people moving

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VANCOUVER— After years of delays on badly needed transit investments, it’s time for leadership that will get Metro Vancouver moving, says New Democrat Leader John Horgan.

“Christy Clark has left people stuck in gridlock for too long,” said Horgan. “I’m ready to build transit, create jobs and get people moving. Right away.”

Horgan said Christy Clark’s refusal to come to the table and offer a substantial partnership with cities and the federal government will only cause more delays of badly needed transit infrastructure.

“Whether you are in cars or on transit – we need this transit and transportation built – not more talk. Christy Clark needs to stop blocking the transit improvements we need now.” said Horgan.

“I’m all in on a partnership with Ottawa and local mayors to get this done for people.”

Horgan has committed to funding 40 per cent of the cost of transit infrastructure in order to unlock funding from the federal government and get people moving. Christy Clark has refused to do the same.

“Christy Clark can’t just keep telling the Metro mayors and commuters to suck it up as she did last fall,” said Horgan.

“Building our transit system will create forty thousand more jobs, unclog congestion, and save people time and money.

“I want to see people have more time to spend with their kids, with their friends, and watching the game, rather than being stuck in gridlock for hours every day.

“Christy Clark only cares about her rich friends and corporate backers. They may not need transit, but ordinary people do.”