Christy Clark shows how far she’ll go to close schools in Vancouver

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horgan-fleming-vsb-presser-tVANCOUVER – Christy Clark has created more chaos for students, parents and teachers in Vancouver by having her education minister fire the Vancouver School Board, says New Democrat leader John Horgan.

“This is a terrible day for everyone in Vancouver who has been fighting so hard to keep schools open,” said Horgan. “Today we’ve learned the desperate lengths Christy Clark is prepared to go when it comes to silencing people who were standing up for public education in Vancouver.”

The Vancouver School Board was scheduled to meet later today to pass a balanced budget. Rather than let that vote go through, Christy Clark’s government rushed to interfere, and fired the school board hours before the vote could take place.

“Christy Clark has taken control of Vancouver’s schools. Students, parents and teachers don’t trust her, and don’t want her political timelines dictating their schools,” said Rob Fleming, New Democrat spokesperson for education.

“Vancouver needs stable, adequate funding for public education, and we’re seeing exactly the opposite from Christy Clark’s government.”