Commuters pay the price for Liberal bungling of Port Mann Bridge

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The-port-mann-bridgeSURREY – Families and small business will be facing yet more financial pain after the B.C. Liberals hiked up the tolls on the Port Mann Bridge.

“Every single day, middle class families see their more of their paycheques eroded by Liberal stealth taxes,” said John Horgan, leader of the B.C. New Democrats. “For small businesses, this toll hike is yet another cost right off the bottom line.”

Car drivers will see each crossing cost an additional 15 cents, and trucks will pay 45 cents more for each crossing. An average daily commuter will be out of pocket more than $75 each year on top of their existing tolls.

The fare hikes are a consequence of a botched Liberal business plan, said Claire Trevena, New Democrat spokesperson for transportation. The bridge project itself ran $1.8 billion over budget, and traffic levels are 40 per cent below the business plan projections.

“Commuters are paying the price – literally – for Liberal mismanagement,” Trevena said. “The projections for the level of traffic using the bridge were dropped dramatically and even these markedly lower levels still haven’t been met. Now they’re hiking up tolls just to cover their financial obligations. It’s a total debacle.”