Horgan sends team to investigate management of legalized marijuana

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horgan_profile_casual_nojacket_WEBVICTORIA – New Democrat Leader John Horgan has asked two of his key spokespeople to investigate the management of legal marijuana sales  in Washington and Oregon.

Horgan said the recent election of a federal government committed to legalization means British Columbians expect their representatives to prepare and to be informed on this issue.

“Christy Clark’s government is sitting back and waiting for the federal government on this issue.  We can see the result when we look at the proliferation of dispensaries in communities around the province. British Columbia needs to be working with communities and with the federal government.  These decisions are being made right now, and they’re being made without us,” said Horgan, who has tasked finance spokesperson Carole James and public safety spokesperson Mike Farnworth to undertake the research.

“British Columbians deserve to have a say in how marijuana is legalized. They want to make sure we do this right, so that the safety and health of young people and of our communities come first. We have neighbours who started down this road some years ago, and we can learn from them,” said Horgan.

Horgan said the two MLAs will be looking into the mechanics of legalization and regulation, ranging from the protection of young people, to road safety, to advertising and the control of potency.

“We need to do all we can to protect communities from the kind of haphazard implementation they’re seeing today. Failing to learn all we can from our neighbours would be an opportunity missed.”

James and Farnworth will report on their findings when they return. Click here for the letter from John Horgan to James and Farnworth.