John Horgan statement on the Federal transit funding

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VICTORIA— New Democrat Leader John Horgan issued the following statement on the Federal transit funding announced for Montreal.

“It’s hopeful to see that the Federal government is working with provinces to implement and fund practical transit plans that get people out of gridlock and get moving.

“Because of Christy Clark’s delays, like her failed transit referendum, we have yet to see any progress being made on the mayor’s plan and the transit improvements people need.

“TransLink is at a stand-still and can’t use the funding until a new government negotiates funding and governance models.

“British Columbians voted for new leadership and we are ready to get to work for them. It’s time for Christy Clark to stop delaying and distracting so we can get to work. We need a stable government formed as soon as possible so we can get going on important issues like transit.

“I look forward to working with the Federal government, TransLink and mayors across the province to ensure that we get people moving.​”