Local MLA George Chow releases Transit Working Group report

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VANCOUVER – New Democrat MLA George Chow is releasing the Vancouver-Fraserview (VFV) Transit Working Group report, which includes three recommendations from the community for improving bus service. The Vancouver-Fraserview MLA spearheaded the community-led working group after hearing concerns from residents about transit service in the area.

“Public transit is a vital service that connects our communities, provides an affordable transportation option, and helps reduce congestion and CO2 emissions,” said MLA Chow. “I have spoken with many VFV residents who rely on public transit and feel our community can be better served. This is an important issue in the riding. I’m proud to have helped form this working group and to present our findings back to the community, TransLink and the City of Vancouver.”

The 19-member Transit Working Group was formed in 2018, and has met with City of Vancouver and TransLink staff, gathering community feedback through an online survey and at various community events. Through this consultation, the community expressed a strong interest in:

  • A north-south bus service from the River District to an Expo Line SkyTrain station
  • A more efficient and frequent #26 (Joyce Station/29th Avenue Station) bus
  • A more seniors-friendly #49 (Metrotown/UBC) bus route

“As a resident of Southeast Vancouver for over 25 years, I am very pleased that MLA George Chow has worked closely with constituents, the City of Vancouver, and TransLink to identify opportunities for improved transit in our community,” said Barbara Borchardt, a member of the Transit Working Group. “This report highlights the specific transit needs of our underserved community including a much needed north-south bus route from the Fraserlands and River District.”

VFV is home to many seniors, families, and lower-income individuals who rely on timely and adequate transit service, and of those residents who gave feedback to the Working Group, over 60 per cent said they use public transit daily or many times a week.

MLA Chow is holding a Transit Open House to present the report to community members and to gather additional feedback. The open house is being held in the River District, identified as one of the areas most in need of better public transit service in VFV. The open house runs from 6:00-8:00pm on Tuesday, July 30th at the River District Neighbourhood Centre (8683 Kerr Street). Everyone who lives or uses public transit in VFV is welcome to attend.

Read the report: georgechowmla.ca/transit