“Million Dollar Mike” de Jong profited over $1 million selling 7 properties

Today in Question Period, Premier David Eby revealed that BCUP MLA Mike de Jong has bought and sold seven separate properties, pocketing $1.18 million.

In 2021 and 2022 alone, de Jong sold five properties, making over $900,000 in profit.

Kevin Falcon’s BCU is currently attempting to gut Eby’s legislation to turn Airbnbs into long-term housing. Falcon also opposes the speculation tax, the cap on rent increases, and he voted against legislation to set housing supply targets in municipalities.

Documents detailing de Jong’s property sales are available here.

BC NDP MLA Mable Elmore:

“It’s no wonder Kevin Falcon’s party is fighting against David Eby’s action on housing. Falcon is against the speculation and vacancy tax, the flipping tax and the new rules for short term rentals. Once again, he’s putting investors and speculators who are profiting off the housing market – including his own MLAs – ahead of British Columbians trying to afford a place to live.”