New Democrats to meet with industry and regulators to discuss legal cannabis sales in Washington, Oregon

SEATTLE – New Democrat MLAs Carole James and Mike Farnworth are in Washington and Oregon this week to investigate the management of legal cannabis sales.

New Democrat Leader John Horgan asked the two key spokespeople to arrange the visit after the election of a federal government committed to legalization.

“Legalization will not be simple, and that’s why learning from our neighbours now is so important,” said James, the New Democrat finance spokesperson. “The more we learn today, the better prepared we will be to address everything from community safety to appropriate taxation.”

James and Farnworth, the New Democrat public safety spokesperson, will meet with a range of people involved in managing cannabis sales, including legislators, business associations, state liquor and cannabis control boards, growers and distributors. The MLAs are in Washington Monday and Tuesday, and will visit Oregon Wednesday and Thursday.

“The Christy Clark government has left the management of cannabis sales, which are already happening across this province, to the growers and dispensary owners who profit from those sales. It’s a reckless approach. Legalization is happening, with us or without us, and provincial legislators should be taking action to make sure the best interests of B.C.’s communities always come first,” said Farnworth.

James and Farnworth will issue a report of their findings. Click here for the letter from John Horgan to James and Farnworth.