John Horgan and New Democrats will get Surrey moving with transit upgrades

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surrey-transit-3SURREY –
While the Christy Clark government refuses to increase funding for desperately needed transit and transportation improvements in Surrey, New Democrat leader John Horgan says he will boost funding and get to work building upgrades to get people and goods moving smoothly in B.C.’s fastest-growing city.

“For years, Surrey families have been stuck with the Christy Clark government. Stuck in traffic, stuck waiting at bus stops, stuck paying more and getting less. Under Premier Christy Clark, transit service in Surrey has declined and prices have gone up. People in Surrey can’t get to work because Christy Clark hasn’t done her work, and I’m going to change that,” said Horgan.

“A New Democrat government will increase the province’s capital funding share from one-third to 40 per cent for the projects in the Metro Mayors 10-Year Plan, ending Christy Clark’s roadblock on Surrey upgrades. No more delays from the province under my leadership.”

Surrey upgrades include building a light rail network, replacing the Patullo Bridge, creating new B-Line routes, expanding the frequent bus network, bike routes, and more. Horgan said the upgrades will benefit transit users and drivers alike, while creating thousands of new construction jobs.

“Young families are moving to Surrey in large numbers,” said Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton. “The city will grow by 50 per cent in the next 30 years and the only way we won’t all end up stuck in traffic is by making transit a viable option. Right now it isn’t for many people.”

“TransLink has needed new funding sources for a long time,” said Bruce Ralston, MLA for Surrey-Whalley. “But for years, the Clark government has only been fighting with the region’s mayors. Christy Clark’s failed referendum wasted the last three years.”

Since Christy Clark became Premier, fares have gone up but TransLink has not been able to provide enough services to accommodate the city’s rapidly growing population. Transit service has actually declined by six per cent since 2011, resulting in more bus pass-ups and increased waiting times for all commuters.

“Surrey transit upgrades will also spur development along rapid transit lines, create thousands of new jobs, and create walkable, livable neighbourhoods,” said Horgan.

“B.C.’s fastest-growing city is not getting its fair share from the B.C. Liberals. We need stable, predictable transit and transportation funding. Only John Horgan and the New Democrats are offering that,” said New Democrat MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers, Sue Hammell.